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When it comes to choosing the best G tariff plans for you, there are a few factors to consider. The G tariff plans that are available are either post paid or pre paid. The prepaid tariff plan is where one needs to recharge time after time whenever they are out of airtime while the postpaid 3G plan, one pays for the package in advance and can use it Look at this website for a long period of time without having to recharge any airtime. The choice of either will solely depend on an individual. It is however recommended that business people and people who deal with a lot of clientele in their line of occupation use the post paid plan. It can initially be costly to purchase but it becomes convenient in the long run.


Both the post paid and the prepaid have their different packages and the choice will depend on the user. The packages are affordable and they meet all types of budget range. A few factors to consider before making a package choice of any 3G tariff plan are-:

I. Cost- The cost will definitely vary from different ranges and one can purchase the one that is most convenient to them and of course a package that they can easily afford. The cost is an important factor and a wise choice should be made before making any purchase of a 3G plan.

II. Benefit- The benefit simply means the number of data bundles the package offers. The data bundles will depend on the price of the package. The data bundles go hand in hand with the cost of the package. The data bundles range from 300mb data bundle to 10 GB data bundles. The choice of data bundles will also depend on the workload of an individual. 300mb data bundle for instance will definitely not be enough for a business enterprise that deals with multiple clienteles in a day.

III. Validity- Once you purchase the tariff plan, the validity period should also be factor. The validity period of the tariff plan will depend on the size of the data bundle purchased. The validity period of the data bundle can range from 30 days or more. If one does not extinguish the data package purchased in well under 30 days, there is a good chance that the package might expire and not be of any use regardless of however many bundles purchased.

Before purchasing any 3G plan for yourself, you should know that you will not need to change your SIM card to enjoy the tariff plan, all the packages available will be able to work on any G enabled devices be it a handset or a modem. Making video calls will be part of the package and will be activated by default once you are activated on the 3G plan. The internet speed will depend on the device used, number of users accessing the internet at the same time, the web pages that the user will visit and not necessarily on the 3G tariff plan.

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